Key features

- It is fully customizable. You can adjust the speed of the text scrolling according to your voice over artist reading speed and language. You can also customize the text visualization (position, font size, highlighting, ...).

- Allows you to use the length of the generator as a guide to adjusting your edit.

- Voice Over is a great addition to your editing toolkit that can help time-out your voice overs perfectly, saving time in the edit.

Your voice over assistant!

Voice Over is a FxFactory generator (Text prompter) designed to assist editors dealing with voice over task. The plugin allows you to adjust your composition length and text content, according to the speaker speed, seamlessly within your editing environment.

Voice over is available in the following hosts:

Final Cut Pro 10 Adobe Aftereffects CS6 Motion 5 Final Cut Pro 7 Adobe Premiere Pro CS6



If you are already running a recent version of FxFactory, you can skip to step 2:

1. Download FxFactory

You can install FxFactory by double-clicking the installer once the download is complete.

2. Download Voice Over plugin

Install Voice Over by double-clicking the downloaded file. The product will appear inside FxFactory along all other generators.

3. Purchase Voice Over for $99

You can unlock the trial version at any time by purchasing a registration code from FxFactory online store!